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It is easy to find a personal injury firm. They are everywhere – with numerous advertisements on television, billboards located throughout the city. Similar statements can be made for divorce and/or immigration counsel. Outside of these practice areas, however, it is difficult to find counsel that can help satisfactorily resolve a complex civil litigation matter or help establish a new entrepreneurial enterprise and/or help it navigate the maze of start-up considerations. Historically, the primary solution would be to engage a large firm that encompasses several separate departments required to service the needs of a new or existing business, thereby requiring interaction with different attorneys working on distinct projects to accomplish a client’s goal of advising, protecting and defending. While commonplace, such legal service models are neither efficient or cost effective for the client.

Granted, these inefficient and ineffective models have existed for years – failing to provide the maximum value to clients that seek, and often require, help in order to maximize their opportunities to succeed. Until now. Strategic Counsel PPLC was established to provide a single source of expertise to service a variety of new and existing business needs. From entity formation to complex civil litigation representation, Strategic Counsel PLLC is single source solution for your business needs.

Strategic Counsel PLLC was founded by Shawn A. Mangano, Esq. For over 23 years, Mr. Mangano has dedicated his career to practicing in a variety of highly specialized areas of legal expertise that has culminated in a breadth of knowledge that is tailored towards advising new and existing businesses in ways to establish, protect, defend and help them succeed. From starting his career with the largest law firm in the State of Nevada to managing twenty-plus lawyer teams on several high-profile intellectual property disputes involving publicly traded companies for two major national law firms, Mr. Mangano has succeeded at the highest levels. Mr. Mangano has also prosecuted over 50 copyright infringement cases in the State of Nevada and elsewhere. He has acted as lead counsel in state and federal courts in numerous jurisdictions, which includes jury trial and bench trial experience. Mr. Mangano has additionally represented clients before the Supreme Court of Nevada and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

While his litigation background is impressive, Mr. Mangano has also used this experience in serving as in-house counsel for Proctor Gallagher Institute, L.P. (“PGI”), which operates on a global platform. In his position as in-house counsel, Mr. Mangano has helped PGI navigate a host of domestic and international legal issues, which resulted in him being elevated to the position of Executive Vice President of Operations. Mr. Mangano has formed Strategic Counsel PLLC in order to provide his broad spectrum of specialized knowledge to new and existing businesses seeking to address existing concerns, enforce their rights and/or protect their interests in order to succeed.

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