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Shawn A. Mangano has spent over 23 years prosecuting and defending cases on behalf of a wide variety of clients – including publicly traded companies, celebrities, local businesses and individuals based in the greater Las Vegas valley. Shawn has also served as General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Operations for Proctor Gallagher Institute, LLP (“PGI”), a multi-million dollar personal development company co-founded by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher, for over six years.


In his position with PGI, Shawn has developed and implemented numerous terms and conditions for the company, as well as handled all issues related to intellectual property disputes, client refunds, event/program launches, employment disputes and contract negotiations with outside vendors and third-party partners. Shawn has also been instrumental in protecting and enforcing PGI’s intellectual property rights against unauthorized content disseminators on a variety of social media and other online platforms. Shawn has additionally worked with multiple PGI clients to ascertain, develop and protect their own product and/or service branding opportunities in order to help them pursue existing and/or new business ideas.


Prior to joining PGI, Shawn practiced primarily in the areas of intellectual property and complex business litigation. Doing so has provided him with a unique outlook to personal and corporate representation – take steps to avoid unnecessary disputes and to view conflict as a means to generate positive change. Simply suing successfully or defending a lawsuit/claim is not a true victory unless lessons are learned, future disputes are avoided and the company or individual can benefit from an otherwise unpleasant experience. In this regard, Shawn is certainly unique. He believes there is absolutely no value in simply winning or defending a case if the client is left in an organizational position to only repeat past mistakes.


Avoiding mistakes is also a reason why Shawn has devoted a considerable part of his career helping others make their dreams/visions become a reality. Through his extensive litigation experience, Shawn has learned that many disputes could have, and likely should have, been avoided if adequate counseling were provided at a much earlier time. Simply put, people with commendable intentions and inadequate advice when starting their enterprise could greatly reduce their legal exposure and enhance the value of their endeavors with the help of some easily provided services – such as trademark/service mark searches, trademark/service mark strength evaluations, business entity formation, etc. In providing these, as well as other services, Shawn prides himself as someone who thinks creatively to provide clients with alternatives and options to address their situation in a way that not only solves the immediate issue(s) presented, but that also helps to foster positive growth and organizational change.

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